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Land Telegraph
Keys, Sounders, Etc.


Hughes Telegraph
Dumoulin - Froment a Paris
Mid 19th Century

Operated on the Paris - Milan line


Breguet Dial (ABC) Telegraph Transmitter
1850 -1870

Breguet Dial (ABC) Telegraph Receiver
1850 - 1870


Telegraphy Statue

Unknown Telegraph Key

Telegraph Key

Toy ABC Telegraph
4th Qtr 19th Century

Bunnell Telegraph Relay

Western Electric 7A 1K Ohm Telegraph Sounder
c. 1900 - 1920

Bunnell "Barclay Relay"
(not sure of the date - Telegraph isn't my specialty!)

Radiguet & Massiot
Telegraph Receiver



Bonderi Needle Telegraph Receiver

2nd Half 19th Century

Each letter of the alphabet is printed around the top edge, and has a corresponding coil of wire.  A character is sent by passing a current through the corresponding coil, creating a magnetic field which turns the needle to indicate which character is being sent.

This device is one of a generation of telegraph devices invented before the development of Morse code.  The response of the needle is very slow and each alphabetic character requires a separate wire between the transmitter and receiver, or 26 wires in all.  "Needles" to say, (sorry) these early telegraphs were not very practical and saw little commercial use.


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